Sandi Toksvig an Original Player of Your ‘A’ GameĀ© as Beta Version 5 ready for exclusive testing!


Outside the Straford East Theatre, en route to catch @Shermashermz in a brilliant new production, it was pretty amazing to bump into the original inspiration for the rapid development of “Your ‘A’ Game’; Sandi Toksvig and her wonderful wife.


It’s been a busy few weeks, unfortunatley not much of that time has been spent on game development so it has been a real pleasure over the last few days to reaquaint myself with the game, concept and those interested in playing and development.. Shouts to all my Beta Gang; look out for shouts on the Motivational Index!

Your A Game Design & Development

End of December A Game

A busy Christmas period….I have slightly cheekily been producing a load of prototype versions of the game for people to play, in order to test out how fun/engrossing/challenging the game play is…and passing them out as Christmas presents. I think most people have seen through my Horse of Troy ploy but never mind!

Anyway above are some examples of customised prototypes. If you would like to get your hands on a free* personalised set of Game Cards please email me, subject line “Your A Game” and in the field type your address.

*Game cards free, I just ask for a contribution for postage & packaging.